Coppell Municipal Court

By: Sana L., Natalie B., Nataly A., Kim T., Zhaohui M.

Postions of the Coppell Municipal Court

Judge of Coppell The jude in a municipal court hears and makes the final decisions of the case. They hear majority clinical cases and class c mestimere cases. Most think of it as a ticket, but mestimere cases deal with mainly criminal cases.Usually the case is 10-15 min but it can take about 8 hours. If the value is below 50$, then the case is heard at the municipal court. Any age above 10 can be heard at municipal court but until your 17 you need a parent with you, and after 17 you can legally make your own decisions at court.

Juvenile case manager- With this when the person is a minor and is going through a case you visit the juvenile case manager. They are the ones that can manage, see, and discuss what your options are. Then after there is an open court and after visiting the court you have an idea and guide at open court. Maria Fernandez is the case manager and teen court programer at the Coppell municipal court.

Marshall- The marshall does the paperwork. They store all the warrants in a room and after your court case is over they are the ones that will take you to the carrolton jail. The Coppell municipal court marshall is Bruce Kyer.


"We hear class c mestimere cases, as most think as traffic tickets, but it's not just a traffic ticket. There are different offenses, mostly criminal and hear problems that might apply to middle and high school kids" (Kim Nesbit).

"We hear cases for kids 10 and until the age considered an adult, 17 a minor which is considered an adult" (Kim Nesbit).

"If you are a minor, under the age 17 you get to visit me and we get to talk with your parents and we talk about what your options are for what of your citations so when you come back to see the judges in open court, which is required by law you will have an idea of what to expect and I also run the Teen Court Program" (Maria Fernandez).

Alternate Judge- Kim Nesbit

She makes the final ruling and hears the cases from age 10- minors age 17.

Juvenile Case Manager

She hears cases for the minors under those over 10 and helps them have an idea of what's going to happen during open court and what their options are after the trial.

Coppell Municipal Court Marshall

He stores the warrants and after the case he takes the person to the Carrolton jail.

Teen Court Program

The Teen Court Program provides a voluntary alternative to the "sentencing arm", of Municipal Court. Young people under the age of seventeen that are charged with a class C offense not related to alcohol or tobacco may request permission of the court to go before a jury of their peers to recieve their "sentence." The verdicts include a specific number of community service hours and at least one jury term in exchange of paying a fine and it going on their record. If the requirements are completed within 90 days the case will be will be dismissed and no fine will be collected and does not go on your record. This program allows the youth to think about their actions and have a second chance.
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