SSR and Why It Will Work

By: Kylie Corrigan

What is SSR?

  • SSR stands for Sustained Silent Reading.
  • SSR is uninterrupted silent reading.
  • Everyone reads, including the teacher.
  • SSR is used to practice reading skills.
  • Students choose what they read.


Teacher need to model to the students how to read. SSR allows the student to see the teacher reading. Teacher should read book that the student have interest in. The teacher can then can have meaningful discussion about the books with the students.


Everyone needs to practice to get better at a task. Reading is a task that needs to be practiced. As teachers, we need to allow time for students to practice their reading. SSR allow students time to read.

Book Choices

Student should be able to pick what they read. Teachers should allow students to explore different books. Teachers should give students 5 to 7 mins to read, and then change book if the book they chose is not the right one for them.
Benefits of Sustained Silent Reading