Black Cat Chronicle

News from The Student Family Support Team

What IS The Black Cat Chronicle? And Just What is the SFST?

The Black Cat Chronicle is a monthly newsletter intended to share information and resources that apply to middle school parents and students in particular. We try not to make it too long, so that you can read it in just a few minutes, we will have a lot of linked information.

The Student Family Support Team consists of LTMS' two school counselors, Mr. John Viera and Ms. Lolita Cartwright. Our mental health therapist/social worker, Ms. Kay Jackson and our Family Resource and Youth Services Center coordinator is Ms. Takara Jones.

Counselors Corner

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Upcoming Opportunities for the Gifted and Talented Program

Family Resource and Youth Service Center

The LTMS YSC primary goal is to remove non-academic barriers to learning as a means to enhance student academic success! Please contact Ms. Jones if there is anything that she can help you with at 859.381.4416

LTMS Youth Service Center Survey

Ms. Jones would like to hear from you! Please fill out the form to help her determine how we can be of best service to you.

Lexington Firefighter Toy Drive

Events To Remember

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

While all students are able to receive school meals at no charge for the 2021-22 school year, it is still important that families who would qualify (Free/Reduced) meal assistance, to fill out an application every school year.