occupy wall street

Sarah Mayes

Background Information

Occupy wall street began September 2011 in a park near wall street in New York city. Occupy wall street is to aim for inequality in the United States.

Information About The Protest

In fall 2011 1,200 people were arrested in Washington DC. In new York city 400,000 protesters became one of the largest marches. The people did not want it in the next couple of years the wanted it now, this is why they didn't give up.

Effects Of The Protest

In Washington DC, 1200 people were arrested, because of their beliefs and how strong they felt about what they were protesting against. The government has 50 billion dollars in fossil fuels. Also almost 1,600 occupations around the country believed that they were right.

How did the participants demonstrate their beliefs about their protest?

Even after they were all arrested and were bailed out they still continued to protest because they felt strong with what they were doing. A lot of people around the world started feeling the same way these people were saying should be done.
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