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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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Trusting Relationships

CRCSD Employees - this news is for you.

Q: How important are trusting relationships during times of stress?

A: Really important. Important for your students, your own children, perhaps even your aging parents, and especially YOU. We are learning how to connect with people differently in this virtual world. It's challenging, but to keep everyone safe, it needs to be done.

Holidays will look different and some may be grieving the absence of large family gatherings, but technology allows us to create shared experiences through Zoom, Facetime, Google or Whatsapp - an important part of connecting even when we can't be in person. Check out the resources below for ways to develop new connections from home.

But what about other, non-screen ways of connecting? These are important too, as you may be experiencing Zoom Fatigue (click on the link for ideas on how you and other virtual learners in your household can combat "Zoom Fatigue" - yep, it's a thing).

Take a look at the tips below for "No-tech ideas for connecting from a distance" from our friends in Queensland, Australia.

Write letters and postcards: When was the last time you picked up a pen and paper and wrote a message to someone? Write to someone close to you, write to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, or pop a postcard in the neighbour’s letterbox. Receiving mail is a rare treat these days, and you never know, they just might write back.

Share books or movies: Drop books or DVDs you’re finished with into the letterboxes of neighbours and friends. Bonus points if you accompany them with a note saying why you enjoyed them. Encourage them to let you know what they think and pass the favour along to someone they know.

Participate in a bear hunt or create your own scavenger style fun: One of the cutest stories to come out of the pandemic? Suburb-wide bear hunts where neighbours have displayed their teddies on fences, rooves and in windows so children (and the young at heart) can play ‘spot the bear’ from a distance. It doesn’t have to be a bear hunt, either. You could make any common object the prize of your scavenger hunt.

If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to email me at wellness@crschools.us

More wellness tools, resources, and supports can be found on the newly updated Employee Wellness website.

In gratitude,

Stephanie Neff
Wellness and Community Partnership Supervisor


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