The Weekly Growl

September 18 - 22, 2017

This Week


Monday, September 11

  • 5:30 7B/7A Football vs. Cedar Valley

Tuesday, September 12

  • 5:30 8B/8A Football @ Cedar Valley

Wednesday, September 13

  • 4:00 Faculty/Department Meetings
  • 5:30 7B/7A Volleyball vs. Walsh
  • 5:30 8B/8A Volleyball @ Walsh

Thursday, September 14

  • 7/8B Volleyball Tournament

Friday, September 15

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • IB PD: Mathematics @ Teacher Lab in Library
  • 3:45 - 5:45 Back to School Dance, Cafeteria

Saturday, September 16

  • Volleyball Tournament @ SPHS

Next Week

Monday, September 18

  • School Pictures (during SS classes)

  • 5:30 7B/7A Football vs. Ridgeview

Tuesday, September 19

  • 5:30 8B/8A Football @ Ridgeview
  • 6:00 - 8:00 HeMS Family Dinner Night

Wednesday, September 20

  • Grade Level Meetings
  • 5:30 7B/7A Volleyball @ Taylor
  • 5:30 8B/8A Volleyball vs. Taylor

Thursday, September 21

  • 7/8A Volleyball Tournament

Friday, September 22

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • IB PD Arts, PE & Design (Technology) @ Teacher Lab in Library
  • How To IB - Part 2
  • United Way Day of Caring

Saturday, September 23

  • 7/8A Volleyball Tournament @ SPHS

Upcoming Events

Sep. 25 - 28 TAME Trailer

Sep. 25 5:30 7B/7A Football @ Grisham

Sep. 26 5:30 8B/8A Football vs. Grisham

Sep. 26 Vision and Hearing Screening in Library

Sep. 27 Activity Bell Schedule

Sep. 27 Hispanic Heritage Assembly

Sep. 27 Committee Meetings

Sep. 28 5:30 7B/7A Volleyball vs. Ridgeview

Sep. 28 5:30 8B/8A Volleyball @ Ridgeview

Sep. 29 End of 1st Six Weeks

Sep. 30 IB PD: ELA @ Teacher Lab in Library

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Congratulations to Norma, Antonieta, Edgar, Casey, Kristen, Danya, Heather, Laura, Lauren, Michael, Jennifer, Lena, Donald, Gabriel, Nachelle, Sunny, Sarah, Cristy, Jessica, Jean, Savion, Briana, Allison, Stephanie, Akea, David, and Edwin for not only writing IB unit planners last year but participating thoughtfully in the feedback process on units they submitted! If you haven't attended, feedback is due mid-September!

Shout out to Dianne Shaver, our Mathematics Instructional Coach for attending all the mathematics BQC meetings!

Special thanks to all of our Assistant Principals Yvette, Donald and Jeremy in supporting the IB BQC feedback process!

​Amazing work to the Language & Literature Department for being the first department to be actively engaged in the IB unit planning process! Special thanks to Yvette for aligning the practices and streamlining the work for her department!

Winners of the first to complete and teach an IB UNIT were Kristen Morgan & Casey Gembicki!

Congratulations to Lang & Lit and Individuals & Societies for backwards design using summative assessments to plan their instruction!

- Desiree Le

Briana Flores for being just a great person to work with!

8th Grade GLT! For being so flexible, understanding, and all team players!

- Allison Lee

Kudos to the outstanding math department for all of your many efforts to welcome students and help them start off being successful in math. YOU ROCK!!

- Dianne Shaver

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How to IB? Challenge- IB Assessment! Be the first team to successfully submit a Summative assessment that aligns directly ​to your Content and statement of Inquiry. Bonus if you provide an IB rubric in the hallway with student work!

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September Birthdays

Donald Bosier 6

Ashley Brunette 10

Lyndsey Pounds 19

Michael Bergeron 23

Gabriel Sanchez 23

Jeff McBride 24

Cherri Urban 27

Robin Yanez 28