Journey to Russia as one. They (probably) won't kill you.

Other than the U.S., Russia is the biggest astrophysics hub in the world.

Astrophysicists in both Russia and the U.S. must work together to get to new innovations, inventions, and discoveries. Any budding astrophysicists (such as yours truly) would probably need to know Russian to be able to get along properly with the Russians (they are very stubborn and probably won't learn English).

Education Needed

Well, of course you'll have to learn Russian. Physics, all math up to calculus, and astronomy are required.

Good Universities

Stephen Hawking

A very famous astrophysicist.

Starting Salary: $50,400 to $75,600

Advantages, Travel, Dangers

You get to know new cultures and maybe taste some awesome food.
Of course, travel is a must if you are going to Russia.
Just try not to make the Russians mad!