Finding Food In The Wild

How to find edible foods on an island


When on a tropical island, you're most likely surrounded by water. You need to:

- Do not drink the salt water

- Look for a source of fresh water

- Drink rain water

Cup your hands while it is raining and use the water you get to drink.

- Boiled water

Boiling water takes germs and bacteria out of it.

- Eating plants

- Fruits


Fruits, coconuts, and plants are a great source of water.

-Remember the location you got the water from

Finding Food In The Wild

Food is imperative when deserted on an island. You need it to survive, so you need to look for it. You could:

- Safely consume fish

Make sure all bones are out, and that it is cooked.



Bugs are an excellent source of protein

- Birds

- Wild animals

Be careful hunting for these, they are wild.

-Coconuts/ Fruits

Provides milk, and water.



- Crabs

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How To Know If What You're Eating Is Poison

You may be worried about eating something poisonous unknown in the wild. Here's how you know if it is poisonous.

Rub the item on your skin. Your skin will turn red or react to this if it is poisonous. If your skin does not react, chances are, it is not poisonous.

Hold the item to your lips for 3 minutes. If there is burning, tingling, or any other weird feeling, it could be poisonous.

Hold the item to your tongue for 15 minutes without chewing or consuming. If you notice a reaction of any type, it may be poison.

Chew the item, and leave it in your mouth for 15 minutes. Do not swallow.

Swallow a small portion of the item.

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