Tomatoes, onions, and garlic oh my!

The county of Malta

History of Malta

Malta has been part of quite a few empires, including the Roman, Byzantine, Arabs, Spain, France, and the British empire. Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, and is called "the crossroad of the Mediterranean". It has many natural occurring harbors. It also served at a base in World War II.

European Union

Malta joined the E.U. in 2004, after having a taking a few years to decide if they wanted to peruse joining. The switched over to the euro in 2008, after 4 year of being a member. They were not a founding country.


In 1090, Malta gained their national colors, while after World War II they got the cross as a gift.

Capital and Major cities

The capital is Valletta, and some major cities are:

  • Rabat
  • Imsida
  • San Giljan
  • Birkirara


Some of the things that attract people to Malta are:

  • Beaches - from red sand to lagoons
  • Museums/Galerys- beautiful art or history
  • Theme parks - play mobile fun park


Malta is an archipelago, made up of 5 islands. Malta has many natural harbors, bays, creeks, coves, and sandy beaches.

Government & Euros

Malta has a democracy, with Marie Lousie Cdeiro Preca as their president.

They now use the Euro, but previously the used the lira.


  • People eat tomatoes, garlic, and onions in very meal
  • The keep the fork on the left, and knife on the right
  • Dinner is between 6-8
  • Kids can get married at 16 years old, yet often wait until they are 24-26 due to saving up money to have a wedding
  • 2nd to last country to legalize divorce


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