Cell Phones

Should they be banned in schools?


75% of U.S. teens own cell phones, so they are almost bound to end up in school. Some people believe that cell phones are just distractions. However, they can be a very helpful tool in the classroom.

Teachers Support them!

  • 69% of teachers support having cell phones in schools.
  • 70% of teachers indicated they were already using cellphones for school related collaboration and communication.
  • Cell phones have increased student engagement and motivation.

Help Improve Relationships With Students And Teachers

  • Students can easily ask their teachers questions using text messaging services.

  • Teachers often find themselves running up against unimaginative educational and related policies.

  • If they are struggling, they can get more help by using text messaging services or email.

Students use them for learning sources

  • 42% of the time cellphones are being used to look up information in class.
  • 38% of the time they are being used for taking pictures or recordings for assignments.
  • 18% of the time they're being used to upload school-related content to the internet.