Christopher Paul Curtis

By: Lindsey Lollis

Christopher's Early Life

Christopher was born into a family of five siblings. He was the second oldest of his brothers and sisters. As he grew, he loved to read. He read all of the time, and then he started to write some to. When he got older, he graduated from Flint's University of Michigan. He decided, he loved to read and write, why not do that full time!

Christopher's books

Christopher was an award winning author. He has won seven medals throughout his writing career. He received ALA Best Book For Young Adults award, Publishers Weekly Best Book Of The Year, And School Library Journal Best Book of year all in 1999. In 2000, he received ALA Best Book For Young Adults, ALA Coretta Scott King Award, ALA Notable Children's Book award, and IRA Children's Book Award For Older Readers.

Important Charectrers In "Bud, Not Buddy".

"Bud, Not Buddy"

"Bud, Not Buddy" was published in 1999 by Christopher Paul Curtis. "Bud, Not Buddy" was published by Scholastic in New York. This Newberry Award Winning Book has sad moments, funny moments, and surprising ones too. He liked to add into his book "My name is Bud, not Buddy." Bud Caldwell knew his name, and thought everyone else should know, and respect it. This book is intentionally sad, overwhelming, and humorous.