Rome's Religion by: lily nelson

Rome's Religion

Romans religion means a lot to them. They believe in many gods and goddesses and have many different traditions and beliefs. Romans go out of their way everyday to honor their religion.

Rome's Gods and Goddesses

Rome believed in gods and goddesses in many different ways. They went to temple to celebrate them, they made time each day to honor them, and they believed in household gods. The romans would prepare food food for the Household Gods to keep them satisfied so they would keep helping them with their household necessities. Gods were everywhere you went in Rome, and the Romans never stopped believing it.

Romans Traditions

Romans have many unique traditions that set them apart from the other civilizations. Romans were given Bullas when they were born. A Bulla is a lock that children wore around their neck until they became citezins or they got married. The Romans also celebrated many festivals and along with those festivals they celebrated the Ludi which were public games. One last ti\hing that Romans did was go to temple at least 2 or 3 times a day. Almost everything the ancient romans did had something to do with their religion.

Roman Festivals

Romans had many different special ceremonies that they celebrate. They celebrated Agonalia, which was all about the god of gates and doorways. They also celebrated Lupercalia, which is the festival of Jupiter which is now know as St. valentines Day. One last Festival that the Romans celebrated was Equirria, which was the race of 2 horse drawn chariots. Romans were very festive and loved to celebrate everything.

In Conclusion...

Romans were known to be very into their religion and they always found a way to celebrate it, including their gods and goddesses, their unique traditions, and their special festivals.