From the Desk of Kim Thompson

Silverdale Baptist Academy

September 3, 2015

Elementary Chapel

I just left a wonderful chapel service that was lead by Mrs. Westcott’s Fifth Grade class. I wish all of you could have been there. This year our chapel theme is “The Way of the Wise”, with lessons directly out of the book of Proverbs. Dr. Swope spent a couple of weeks talking to the students about wisdom - what it is and how to get it. He taught them that there is a difference between knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Wisdom is taking knowledge and understanding and then applying them according to God’s Word.

Today was a lesson about empathy, using the story of a modern day “Good Samaritan”. Our students learned that God loves mercy and justice (Micah 6:8), which bullying destroys. But in order to create both mercy and justice on behalf of others, we must express courage. One of our fine young men demonstrated the courage it took to help someone who others ignored or passed over in their distress. This lesson goal was to get our students to understand that God expects us to help others who are being pushed around in school, at church, or any other place kids come together.

From my vantage point, I have witnessed “empathy” among students diminish with the passing years. I shared with the boys and girls that we have become hardened in many ways to the plight of others. Nothing is more damaging than the effects of television, movies, and video games that simulate the pain or killing of others. I pray for you as parents to help guard your children’s innocence and their ability to develop empathy by regulating what they watch on TV and what they are allowed to play on their computers and game systems.

Let’s teach our children that bullying is wrong, God hates it, and that He wants us to help people who are being bullied. We will continue in the next few weeks in our chapel programs to talk about how to live out the wisdom of Proverbs by being a protector of others.

Kim Thompson

Elementary Principal

Check out the video below to watch the students praising Jesus with their favorite song in Chapel.

Elementary Chapel: God's Not Dead