Prospect Family Newsletter

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Welcome Back!

It was so nice to have a break, push the computer away and recharge over break, but it sure was nice to welcome the students back to school on Monday. We are so grateful everyday that we are able to be in-person as well as offer remote learning this school year.

As we returned from the long holiday break, teachers reviewed and practiced safety protocols with students to ensure a safe learning environment. I ask that you talk with your children and remind them about the school safety expectations as well:

  • Students arriving to school before the doors open need to stand on a red dot
  • Masks must be worn on school grounds
  • Students need to maintain a social distance from others

Thank you for your partnership!

Mindful Mondays- Kicks-off January 11th

The world around us is changing everyday which creates stressors in our day to day life that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated. Over the last 10 months, our students (families) have had to learn a new way of life; different format of school, no play-dates/sleepovers, sports or extra curricular activities being canceled, not being able to enjoy dinner out at a restaurant, and the list goes on and on.

At Prospect, we would like to continue to meet the social emotional needs of students, both at school as well as when students are participating in their asynchronous work at home. On Monday, January 11th, we will be kicking off "Mindful Mondays". Research shows when students participate in mindfulness activities it reduces stress, increases focus and concentration, and improves overall well being. When children become aware of their whole self, this is where the deep learning occurs.

Staff members or classrooms will be creating and sharing videos on strategies for practicing mindfulness at home. Students may view the videos before they begin their asynchronous work or they could be utilized as a break. The videos will be emailed to students on Friday afternoons, so they can use them the following week and start their Monday off on the right foot.

The SELAS committee thought it would be a fun way for students to see other students from different grade levels, since they do not travel around the building this year. Please enjoy our first "Mindful Monday" with a video from Ms. McKay’s third grade AM class.

Your Monday THOUGHTS set the tone for your whole week.

Mindful Monday 1/11

Reminder from Clarendon Hills Park District

This week a few children were seen walking on the ice covered ponds in Prospect Park. There are many signs around the ponds informing people not to walk on the ice-it’s not allowed and it’s dangerous. Please remind your children to be safe when they are walking home.
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D181 BOE Meeting Preview- January 11th

The District 181 Board of Education will convene for its Regular Business Meeting on Monday, Jan. 11, in the Hinsdale Middle School Cafetorium, 100 S. Garfield St., Hinsdale. Executive session will begin at 6 p.m. with the regular business meeting to follow.

COVID-19 Capacity Restrictions

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on the number of people allowed for in-person gatherings, in-person attendance will be limited. We encourage members of the public to access the livestream of the meeting, available on our website here:

Public Comment

Members of the public may make public comment in-person at the meeting. Capacity restrictions will be enforced and social distancing and masks will be required.

Meeting Preview: (Agenda)

  • District Office Space Update
  • D181 Semester One Community Service
  • Communication Update
  • Inclement Weather Update
  • Student Data Privacy & SOPPA Update
  • COVID-19 Update and Testing Discussion
  • 2021-22 Calendar
  • Policy Review - Approval for Public Display

New Inclement Weather Plan

When inclement weather is predicted, we begin to assess conditions the day before, with student and staff safety as our number one priority. This year, weather closures may lend themselves to the possibility of a switch to remote learning for all students instead of a "snow day" with no student attendance. This would allow students to continue learning safely while eliminating the need to add a make-up student attendance day later in the school calendar. In the instance of inclement weather this year, we will follow our standard protocols for determining school closures (details at and keep families and staff updated with the latest information as soon as possible.

To view more information, including the key components for remote learning on a potential remote "snow day," click here.

**Teachers will be sending information to you in their weekly updates specific to their grade level snow day plans and where to find zoom links.

MAP Schedule-Hybrid Students

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MAP Schedule- Remote Students

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5th Grade Parents/Guardians

As part of our fifth grade curriculum, students participate in a Puberty I program provided in partnership with Candor Health Education, formerly known as Robert Crown Health Center. Below is information on the student program as well as an invitation for parents to preview the presentation from January 1-31. The FAQ for parents on the Puberty I program can be read here.

Parent Presentation

The pre-recorded parent presentation will be available from January 1-31. To view the pre-recorded parent presentation click here. Use the password found below.

Password: POV1934

Student Program

The student program will be held during school hours on March 5th from 9:30-11 and 1:30-3:00, A permission slip will be sent home in January.

Students in Mr. Oldenberg's class will join a presentation with Monroe's 5th grade classes. If you would prefer your child join with Prospect 5th grade students, please contact me to set something up.

Student Booklet

Below is electronic access to the booklets that your child will receive as part of the Puberty I program. These booklets provide information on the physical changes that young people experience during puberty. Please note that both classes and booklets include basic information about the anatomy of the opposite sex.

We know that parents are the most influential role in a child’s life. For ideas on how to use the booklet, general tips for talking with your child and ways to get conversations started, click here. If you would like more information about the center, or the program your child will attend, please visit the Candor Health Education website at If you have any additional questions, please contact Candor Health Education at (630)325-1900.

D181 Covid Dashboard

The dashboard is updated daily at 4 pm.

After School Math Support- Reminder

If you are seeking some help with math for your child’s asynchronous work, there are after school virtual sessions where teachers are available to work with your child! Parents, please refer to the appropriate section below to sign your child up for support. Please note, elementary sessions are 15 minutes long. Please do not sign up for more than one time on a single day.

Kindergarten, First, & Second Grades

Please make the appointment using your (parent) personal email.

  1. Click this appointment calendar link.

  2. Find an appointment time that works for your child and click on it.

  3. You do not need to enter a location but you can put something in the description box regarding the type of support needed.

  4. Click “Save.”

  5. You will receive an email with a meeting link for your child to join the appointment.


  • The teacher you will be meeting with may not be your child’s math teacher.
  • If you no longer need the appointment, please send the teacher an email. This will allow another student to sign up for help!

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades

Please have your child make the appointment using their D181 student email login so that the meeting links show up on the student’s Google Calendar.

  1. To sign up for an appointment slot, students should click the link for the appropriate grade level: 3rd and 4th grade OR 5th grade
  2. Find an appointment time that works for him/her and click on it.
  3. He/she does not need to enter a location but you can put something in the description box regarding the type of support needed.
  4. Click “Save.”
  5. The teacher will add a Meet link to the calendar event.
  6. When it is time for your child’s appointment, he/she will join the meeting using the link on his/her calendar.


  • Sign up by the grade you are in - the teacher you will be meeting with may not be your math teacher.

  • Make sure you are signed in with your D181 student email account.

  • A calendar of available time slots will appear. Your D181 calendar will show up as well. Choose the best time for you, and sign up!

  • Prior to your scheduled meeting time, the teacher will add a Google Meet link to the calendar event.

  • If you no longer need the appointment, please delete the event from your own calendar and send the teacher an email. (There is an option for that to happen automatically when you delete it!) This will allow another student to sign up for help!