New Planet Invitcus!

New, habitable planet has been discovered!

Amazing New Planet Has Been Discovered!

A new habitable planet, Invictus, provides a wonderful place to colonize for a few million years! This planet has proved to be habitable with all the requirements for amazing living. If the dull, boring ways of Earth are getting old send your family to this new planet. It is a temporary getaway to last for just a few million years.

Invictus meets all the criteria for a habitable planet!

An Amazing Experience

This new and amazing planet has all the the necessary aspects of life. Producers, water and an amazing atmosphere are all available in this amazing new planet! Gravity is also present which makes life a lot easier. Although this Invictus' main star's life is coming to an end we still have a few million years to colonize and take advantage of this wonderful new world.

Where Is This Fabulous New Planet?

Invictus orbits around a red giant star called Gacrux, which is in the constellation of Crux. This constellation is visible from Earth! The red giant star, Gacrux, only has a few million years to live but provides sunlight and all other needs for a habitable planet.
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If This Planet Is So Great, Why Are There Volcanoes?

Volcanoes are just a way that planets release internal heat and pressure. Also, they help continue the rock cycle and generate new land as well. Volcanoes aren't always great, but they are essential to survival.