Susan B. Anthony

by Lulu

Presidential Election

On November 5, 1872, 48 years before women had the right to vote Susan B. Anthony a women's rights activist and also a group from New York casted votes in the election of the president. Susan has dedicated her life to women's rights since the 1850s. When the congress was going to give African Americans the right to vote Susan and Elizabeth wanted to extend the law so women could vote to. The two women did not succeed but they came up with a new strategy.

Susan Got To Vote

On November 1, 1872 Susan led her three sisters and more women to a voting registration office. The office was in Rochester New York. Susan and the other women demanded to vote. Other women in the country tried this but they did not succeed like Susan. According to Ann D. Gordon Susan did not think she would be able to vote and that she would be denied the right to vote. They at first would not let them vote but Susan argued for over an hour and threatened to take it to court then they voted.

On November 14 William Stores made a warrant for the arrest of Susan and the other women for voting without the right. The three inspectors would be arrested as well for letting them vote. Four days later a marshal visited Susan's house and asked to turn herself into Storr. Susan insisted that she be arrested right there, put in handcuffs and taken to Storr. In 1873 a jury indicted Susan. Susan traveled and gave speeches about women's right when she was on bail.