Ventana Vistas

August 6-12th

A Letter from the Principal


We're so excited to see our #vvebobcats tomorrow!

Thank you in advance for exercising extra kindness and patience over the next few days as our parking lot will be busier than usual!

Tomorrow morning, we will have a family photo booth set up at the front of the school, so stop by for a 1st day family pic!

This afternoon, I took a walk around campus. WOW. The time, energy, and love that has been poured into our classrooms, spaces, grounds, etc. is absolutely incredible. I would like to thank all who have contributed to such an inspiring campus. To Joe, Patrick, and our District Facilities crew, they have REALLY been wonderful to us all summer. A special thanks to all teachers. They have all worked so hard for our students.

Finally, we know the first few days of school can bring mixed emotions for students, parents, families, and staff. Just know that we are so honored to have your children joining us for this school year! We will commit a considerable amount of time over the next couple of weeks developing new friendships and creating community within our classrooms.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2019-20 school year with you all! Our theme this year is: Anything is Possible. Join us on the journey!

Warmest regard,

Dana Mulay, Principal

Mark Your Calendars for Gifted Testing!

All details were sent in the summer mailing:

Grades 4-5: Two mornings
-- August 12th and August 14th (M and W)

Grade 3: Two mornings -- August 19th and 21st (M and W)

Optional Grade 2: Two mornings-- August 26th and 28th (M and W)

Mark Your Calendars for Curriculum Nights-Parents Only Event!

August 26th- Kindergarten 5-6pm, 4th Grade 6:30-7:30pm

August 27th- 1st Grade 5-6pm, 3rd Grade 6:30-7:30pm

August 28th- 2nd Grade 5-6pm, 5th Grade 6:30-7:30pm