Learn about the universe

About this job

This job allows you to learn a lot about the universe. An Astronomer wants to understand nature, the planets, stars, galaxies and everything in the universe. You usually will collect data from observation and experiments, use science instruments to analyze different parts of the universe. You might also end up in space(space flight) and use navigational skills. An awesome fact about this job is that you might get to the point in which you get to travel to space in a rocket ship. This job allows you to be more aware of the universe and will make you more knowledgable of the place in which you live.


To be an astronomer you must understand the following concepts; chemistry, physics, computer science, algebra(you will work with a lot of math), geometry, calculus, earth science, and statistics. There is definitely a key personality needed to be an astronomer. You need to have a curious imagination, the ability to visualize abstract concepts, and strong math skills. Your minimum wage will be $15,080 and your regular wage will be $45,230. Finally, the maximum(just the suggested maximum) is $95,000. The projected job growth for an astronomer working between the years of 2010 and 2020 is 7% to 13%. Finally, these are the companies that will hire you; National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory. Being an astronomer would give you the chance to discover parts of the world you never knew about