Teacher Spotlight: Marcie Kiser

December 07, 2018

Communication is KEY...

The spotlight is shining on High School Social Studies teacher, Marcie Kiser, and her students for meeting the Global Outcome competencies for 5 GO’s, with an special focus on communication.

Mrs. Kiser’s students prepared presentations for 4th grade students at the elementary school to promote visiting different countries in Latin America. The students worked on developing presentations that included the research that they are studying in the region.

During these lessons, Mrs. Kiser made sure to stress the important of communication skills in the classroom, and her students practiced these skills to prepare for their presentations to the 4th grade students.

Enhancing the Visuals...

Mrs. Kiser partnered with Anne Dewey, district technology coach, to use technology for the project in various fun and creative ways. She also recruited help from the high school secretary, Heather Baker, to print a color version of the students' posters to set a high standard for professionalism. She knew that these pieces would lend to the overall package for the presentations and that the subtle details can be just as important as the information being presented.

The Presentations and the Take-Away...

Lauren Stepaniak, 4th grade teacher, brought her students over to be the authentic audience. Every high school student in Mrs. Kiser's class was able to demonstrate a high level of competency in communication by making eye contact with the students and developing an engaging presentation that captivated them.

Mrs. Stepaniak said that her students raved about the presentations when they returned to their classroom and talked about all of the great information they learned. This collaboration also connected and built relationships between our fourth grade and tenth grade students. Having these connections throughout different age levels across campus strengthens the community bond and makes the learning experience much more personal.

Another highlight of the project was the deep metacognition that the students who presented did to assess themselves on 5 of the Global Outcome Competencies: Communication, Creativity, Global Awareness, Perseverance, and Collaboration.

Students self-reflected on where they are in these competencies and why.

Thank you to all involved for providing this enriching opportunity for our students! Great job, Marcie!