Welcome to LIBS 150!

getting started

A quick overview

Our four-week course starts Monday, May 21, and ends on June 17. Please note that this class is a little different from other courses you may have taken at UMUC or elsewhere, so take the time to review the syllabus and course information for this class as well as any other classes you have this semester. The main thing to remember is that this course is not a self-paced tutorial: We'll work through LIBS 150 as a group. Please do not attempt exercises or quizzes before class begins or until they are specifically assigned. Four weeks will go by quickly enough - please do not try to work too far ahead.

Each week I will post a new announcement and list what we are covering that week. This will correspond to the course schedule found in the Calendar tool, and also the Checklist that you will find at the end of each week's content. It will remind you what module to work through, what learning activities to complete, quizzes to take, and discussions to participate in. I will give a reminder before each of the 2 course projects are due. You should use the Calendar tool and the Checklists provided, but I will also give a courtesy reminder here.

Week 1 Reminders (all work is due on Sunday at midnight unless otherwise noted)

1. Read through the Welcome Announcement in the classroom

2. Look at the Syllabus and the Course Calendar tool

3. Print the Week 1 Checklist (Content->Week 1->Bottom of the page)

That's your PREWORK

Assignments (found within Week 1 Content)

submit Quiz 1.1 *

submit Quiz 1.2 *

submit Research Log Part 1


participate in the Introductions (Week 1) discussion

* I allow three attempts on each quiz, and the highest score will be recorded

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Your instructor: Susan Mythen

I'm an academic and reference librarian in Florida, and this is my ninth year teaching LIBS 150 at UMUC! I want you to be successful in this class and at UMUC. Please let me know if you need help navigating the classroom, or understanding the course content or assignments. For technical help, please see the link below.

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