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Read about the god Apollo. This can help you in any facts you need with apollo. I hope is intresting.

Facts about Apollo and what your going to read about

This will make you learn way more about Apollo and his powers brothers his father and mother and his sons. He is one of the most powerful gods ever.Your going to learn where he was born

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What is his symbols? The symbols are lyre,laurel,wreath,Python,Raven, and bow and arrows. How did he get his powers? Apollo got his powers from his dad Zeus because if he has powers, his sun does to. How does Apollo look like? He looks tall and has blond hair. Has a silver bow. What are his powers? Apollos powers are the sun and shooting a shiny silver bow who was his family? His family was Artemis,Zeus, and his mom.

The God Apollo

Apollo was born centuries ago on the islands of Delos on Greece to the Olympian God King Zeus and the goddess of the day Leto, who was the daughter of the Titan God and goddess of the moon, coves and phobe.