The Act of Union

In 1841

What is the Act of Union? Why is it so significant?

The Act of Union is when Lower Canada and Upper Canada joins together and make it one country.This letter was written by Lord Durham. He also wrote the Durham report, which was named after him. The Act of Union was between Upper Canada and Lower Canada. The British and English still work together. I think this event is more significant than 1815-1850: The Great Migration, The War of 1812, and 1855:Fraser Gold Rush because this event still exits,and also for the following information. It is so significant because Canada is now 1 country and before the Durham Report it was known as Lower Canada and Upper Canada.

Upper Canada and Lower Canada

Upper Canada was part of British Canada and it was established in 1791 by the United KIngdom. Lower Canada is a British Colony on the lower part of Saint Lawrence river. Lower Canada covered the southern part of Quebec,Canada.

Who Started the Act of Union

This event is so significance so this person must be very special,Lord Durham wrote the Durham report saying that Lower Canada and Upper Canada should join together,Lord Durham wanted them to join together because of Rebellions lost and the British wanted to know why the rebellions had taken place,they wanted to know because they did not want to lose Upper Canada and Lower Canada like how they lost the thirteen Colonies, and so they sent Lord Durham to find out. Lord Durham had a few recommendation he said "He wanted Upper and Lower Canada to unite together, he wanted more democratic government and Assimilation of the Canadiens". So he went back to Britain and he wrote the Durham Report.

Who was Affected? Did any people past away? Why did they do the Act of Union?

In this significance event luckily no one past away and a lot of people were affected the people that was affected is: Lower Canada people,Upper Canada people, Government, British people, French people Lord Durham, Canadiens, Lord Sydenham, and Louis-Josef Popinew. They also made the Act of Union because the Southern part of Canada and the Northern Canada part of Canada fight then it would be hard to separate them but now with the Act of Union there would be less action and more friendly situations.


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