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SOAR is an acronym that stands for Stand Out And be Recognized. This is a special incentive system where students will be recognized and given a ticket when they have gone above and beyond, making good choices as well as putting effort into improving behaviors. There will be lockboxes to house these tickets and will frequently draw winners. As stated, this is a way to really recognize students that are good citizens and self-directed learners.

We will be recognizing students according to Wredlings "Guidelines for Success" I can: Be responsible, be respectful, be positive, be honest, be kind, persevere.

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Last Chance to submit fall pictures into the yearbook!!

Please submit pictures for the yearbook.

Options include

Halloween or trick/treat - club or school sports and activities - pets (picture must have student and pet) - volunteering or community service - pictures with front line heroes - student and their class work - art work (student with artwork) - birthday celebrations during Covid - new hobbies over covid - hybrid or remote learning pics

- pictures with friends at WMS

Pictures can be sent from phone or computer. Email to timothy.massie@d303.org

Saints Helping Hawks

Saints Helping Hawks has started! If your child needs some tutoring or homework help after school, the students from East High School are ready and willing to help with ALL subjects. Saints Helping Hawks meets virtually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-4:45. For more information, please fill out this Google form, and one of the sponsors (Ms. Parikh or Mrs. Breon) will get in touch with you with more information.

Fox River Helpers

Upcoming events!

Our next event will be Saturday, November 7th. 9:30-12:00 in Fabyan park on the west side of the river. Snacks and beverages will be there!

Please join us on Facebook @ Fox River Helpers. if you would like a signup sheet email calmar2006@gmail.com

  1. Water bottle

  2. (optional) speaker for music

  3. Work gloves

  4. Appropriate clothing for the weather

  5. Bring rain boots or shoes you are okay with getting muddy

Learning Logs and Agendas

Most teachers have made available to students a learning log or agenda slide. This is a comprehensive, running record of all the activities (both in person and asynchronous work) that students are completing. These documents are made available in Classroom and on the 6th grade Hub. Students can use this to verify the work that they are completing and/or access missing work from days they are absent from school.

Subject Updates - Language Arts

For the past few weeks in Language Arts, we have been working on many skills which are being built off of what students learned in elementary school. We have taken notes and practiced activities on conflict, plot, and foreshadow/suspense. We also began to dive deeper into Point of View and how there are multiple types of 3rd person points of view. Students have been given ample asynchronous time as well as some time at school to work on their 2nd book review, which is going to be due next week! Please check with your child to make sure that it is being completed, but this should be their writing. Feel free to give them suggestions such as, "It looks like you need more detail in your summary section" or "You might want to check your spelling and punctuation." However, since this is something that we are summatively grading, we want it to be the best that your child can do on his own.

Subject Updates - Math

6th Grade Math - We continue to work on strategies to help us solve ratio problems. Included in our "tool box" are double number lines, ratio tables, and tape diagrams. We will spend time next week reviewing all our strategies to prepare for the Unit 2 Summative next Thursday and Friday during our in person days. Please check HAC! All Unit 2 assignments, quizzes, and corrections are due on the day of the Summative.

Accelerated Math: The Unit 3, Lesson 5-9 quiz was a challenge and it was exciting to see the level of understanding the students are achieving! Now we are working our way into Percents and how they relate to tables and double number lines.

AT/Infinity: We started Unit 5, Rational Numbers. This unit seems to be going quickly already!

Subject Updates - Social Studies

This week we are analyzing how humans went from small farming villages to complex civilizations with several city-states. After we analyze how environmental characteristics impacted human settlement and migration patterns in the Fertile Crescent we will then move into how humans are impacted in modern times in that same region of North Africa and Southwest Asia.

Subject Updates - Science

Science students are continuing their hard work on Body Systems looking closely at the Respiratory System and the Circulatory system. Our guiding question is “How do our body systems respond to exercise?” We are also beginning to learn how scientists study people. Students learned how to measure the effects of exercise on body systems and began to question the similarities and differences of those effects among different people.

Last week, we collected data on pulse rate and respiratory rate both before and after exercise. We had a great time getting outside for some running and jumping jacks! This week, students are testing their carbon dioxide levels exhaled before and after exercise. We will bring all this data together and organize it in charts and graphs in order to analyze it thoroughly. These students are doing an amazing job following procedures and learning new scientific skills!

Questions, Concerns, Things You Want Us to Know??

This year, students will be challenged to grow in many ways and if they are willing to work hard, you will love the direction that this journey will take. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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