Peek of the Week 12/14/15

Great teachers create engaging lessons for the season!

Principal Message

Team: I enjoyed visiting the classroom this last week and seeing the engagement and vocabulary development. I appreciate the purposeful activities planned and keeping your expectations high. We will soon have a well deserved break, but for now don't let up and keep up the good planning and teaching.

I want to thank all the teachers who can teach with intensity from bell to bell where students learn from bell to bell. You don't let up and it shows!

GREAT JOB to our PTO for a great event. Staff thank you for jumping in to help!

Morning Message

Tami and I enjoy visiting your classes for Monday morning meeting and seeing how every teacher makes them relevant to their class needs. We will be coming through again this next week. If you have fallen off the wagon, get back on it. Monday morning meetings are first thing in the morning and a brief conversation with your class about expectations and character development.

Building Work Prep

Teachers: the rest of the boxes will be provided to you by Wednesday. If we get them earlier, we will send them your way. You can put your boxes inside your classroom, clearly labeled with room number and teacher. If it's fragile mark it. If you don't trust anyone but yourself with it, you can move it yourself or take it home so that it doesn't run any risk. Maintenance will be coming in Thursday and Friday afterschool to place the boxes outside the hallway.

Student desks: I will leave it up to you if you want to leave the items in their desks. I have been told it should not be a problem, but from previous experiences, they do move desks.

Polar Express

This Thursday! See the schedule Tami sent. We hope this time helps.

10 questions to ask yourself before giving an assessment:

1). What's the point and purpose of the assessment?

2). Is this a preventative check-up (formative) type assessment or an autopsy (summative) type assessment?

3). Did your students have any voice and input into the assessment design and/or assessment process?

4). Are you able to assess more than one learning objective/goal with this assessment or is the assessment isolated to one specific learning objective/goal?

5). Is the assessment aligned to what you are currently teaching in a format similar to the way you've been conducting your instruction?

6). Will you provide multiple assessment formats for students to demonstrate their mastery/skills in a way of their choosing or will there be just one format?


Students who are failing (below a 70) need to be communicated on a weekly basis on the CONDUCT SHEET. Keep in mind that parents have subscribed to Home Access, but some have not.

Polar Express Day

Staff can wear pajamas too! Exercise good taste. Never know who will show up.

Math Vertical 3-4-5

Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 3:30pm

Vega's room

See email sent by Mrs. Vega!


I am still waiting for teachers to turn in their stars. As soon as we have them all, we will have staff come and choose their student before the Christmas Break!

Thanks to those who already turned it in.

Ornament Exchange

Okay, thanks to feedback, we will make the ornament exchange a bit different to help those packing. You can choose a day to do a special delivery for your colleague! Thank you and hope to get back to tradition next year!
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