jesus christ


the symbol of christianity is a cross
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The founder of Christianity is jesus christ
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world map showing today's area of practice

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basic practices

  • Sunday worship
  • private and corporate prayer
  • study and reading the scriptures
  • participation in baptism and communion ( the lords supper and eucharist )

worship building

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sacred text

the bible. christianity combines the jewish old testament with the new testament to make the christian bible.
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christianity's believes

  • life after death
  • hell
  • heaven
  • no abortions
  • people have to be saved to enter the kingdom of heaven
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holy book

the holy book of Christianity is the Bible
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the first created man by God

adam was the first created man by God
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why jesus came to the earth

jesus came to die for every ones sins so they can be saved and have eternal life
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