Poplar Grove Post

November 2017


Hello PGMS families,

Welcome back from fall break! We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful time away from school, and we hope you are ready for some of the exciting things taking place in the weeks to come.

We would like to welcome all PGS families to our second annual Fall Fest on Friday, November 10th starting right after school ends. We will have games, inflatables, food, hayrides, face painting, and much more! Lots of information should have come home in Tuesday folders recently, but don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

We would also like to thank students, parents, and teachers for the AMAZING response to our new House System. Our students and teachers are building meaningful relationships and memories that are truly making a difference in the climate and culture of PGMS. We look forward to our upcoming house days, competitions, and meetings. This is just one more thing that makes Poplar Grove such an amazing place.

Important Dates:

Nov. 2 - Talent Show 6:30-8:30

Nov. 10 - Fall Fest 2:45-5:15

Nov. 13 - 17 - Fall Scholastic Book Fair

Nov. 17 - Pride Time and Early Dismissal

Nov. 20 - 24 - No School


Tiz the beginning of the season where students have prolonged respiratory viruses. Some important things to remember at this time of the year include the following:

· Please remind your child to cough and sneeze in a tissue or bend of their elbow. This way they cough and sneeze on themselves and not others around them.

· Wash those hands! Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to keep kids from getting sick and spread germs.

· If your child has a fever, they are contagious and should not return to school until they have no fever for 24 hours, without fever reducing medicine.

· Students ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE COUGH DROPS or any other medication in their possession on the bus or school grounds.

· If you are notified to pick up your child from school due to either illness or injury, please do so within an hour. We don’t want prolonged exposure of your child’s illness to other students or myself.

· Please make sure that we a current phone number, in the event that we need to contact you if your child becomes ill or injured while in school.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week: October 30th-November 3rd

Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about using drugs and alcohol are 43% less likely to use them, than parents who don’t.

Nurse Liz


As our students prepare for high school transition and begin to think about post-high school options, Franklin Special School District and Williamson County School District are taking an active role in introducing these students to the world of work and career opportunities. In order to assist students in developing long-range goals, all 8th grade students will be attending the County-wide Career Exploration Day on Thursday, November 9, 2017, which is held during the school day at the Williamson County Agricultural Exposition Park.

This comprehensive career day is being held to better inform eighth grade students about career opportunities available. Williamson County and Franklin Special School Districts recognize there are specific workforce needs for Williamson County and Middle Tennessee. We are taking an active role to introduce students to career opportunities and other emerging careers by offering more career education within the curriculum. The World of Possibilities Career Exploration Day is an excellent strategy for getting students authentically engaged in learning about careers.



In October, our 5th graders had a great time celebrating House Day before we left for fall break! It was so much fun to get to know students in other grade levels as we competed for house points and learned about October’s character trait of responsibility! Ask your child what their responsibility goal was that they set for themselves that day!

When we returned from fall break, we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to hold our quarterly awards ceremony outside! We celebrated students who made A Honor Roll or A/B Honor Roll, and also students who have been working hard in each of their classes. All of our 5th graders were so encouraging to each other as they cheered and celebrated for each award that was presented. What a wonderful group of students we have this year!

In November, we are looking forward to our annual field trip to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga! This trip will be a great experience for students as we wrap up our unit on ecosystems!


6th graders just finished learning about electricity in science class. We started by building simple electric circuits and testing insulators/conductors. Next, we learned how to build series and parallel circuits. As students went through stations, we built a variety of circuits. We replaced our light bulbs with other objects like fans and motors. While building and testing, we discussed how energy transforms through different types of circuits.


7th graders have been studying physical properties of minerals and the rock cycle in October. We will move on toward the study of plate tectonics toward the end of the month!


Mrs. Haynes' Algebra students have been working collaboratively to review functions, equations, and inequalities.

*Grade level PBS Incentive Day will be October 27.

*8th grade students will attend the Williamson County Career Fair at the Agricultural Center on November 9.



Last month, on House Day we discussed the character trait responsibility. Your child was asked to take a responsibility growth challenge where they wrote down a goal for themselves that shows responsibility. If your child completes the challenge, they can turn it in to their Advisor, and will be awarded a Super Ticket! Please ask them how they are doing with their responsibility goal.

Next month, we will be talking about perseverance! Click on the link to below to learn more about how you can encourage and teach your child about perseverance at home.


Did you know that students can earn House Points for perfect attendance and being on the honor roll? The first 9 weeks is over, and after calculating points for perfect attendance and honor roll, here are the current standings:

1st place – House Almitas with 3,565 points

2nd place – House Reverentum with 3,365 points

3rd place – House Coraticus with 3,050 points

4th place – House Sapenta with 2,870


Our current weekly Positive Behavior Support student incentive is a chance to visit the PBS “Vending Machine”. Students can enter PBS tickets into a drawing to win a chance to get a treat on Friday afternoons. Also, once a month, each grade level is hosting a PBS event. We hope the students are enjoying ice cream, dress down days, and extra free time!