Odyssey book 9 Project


Summary of book 9

Odysseus tells the Phaeacians the sorry tale of him going missung. From Troy, the winds sweep him and his men to Ismarus, city of the Cicones. The men plunder the land and, carried away by greed, stay until the reinforced ranks of the Cicones turn on them and attack. Odysseus and his crew finally escape, having lost six men per ship. A storm sent by Zeus sweeps them along for nine days before bringing them to the land of the Lotus eaters where the natives give some of Odysseus’s men the intoxicating fruit of the lotus. As soon as they eat this fruit, they lose all thoughts of home and long for nothing more than to stay there eating more fruit. Then they land they set sail and they end up by the cave of Polyphemus and they get held captive and then Odysseus drunks him and tricks him into letting him go and to escape they hide under sheep to escape and when they leave they taunt him and they not knowing he did it but Odysseus tell him where he lives and who he is.

New Character

Polyphemus- Polyphemus is a one eyed cyclopes who lives on an island. He has an encounter with Odysseus where he get blinded by him and where he gets his sheep stolen by Odysseus.

Lotus Eaters- THe lotus eaters are people that ate the lotus flower and when you eat that you get addicted to it and it messes you up and on the journey some of Odysseus's soldiers ate them and they had to leave them.

Cicones- The Cicones were people who belonged in a tribe and they got raided by Odysseus and his men. They killed the men slaved the children and used the women to bad extents.


“We are Achaians coming from Troy, beaten off our true course by winds from every direction across the great gulf of the open sea, making for home, by the wrong way, on the wrong courses. So we have come. So it has pleased Zeus to make it."

"So they spoke, but could not persuade the great heart in me, but once again in the anger of my heart I cried to him: "Cyclops, if any mortal man ever asks you who it was that inflicted upon your eye this shameful blinding, tell him that you were blinded by Odysseus, sacker of cities. Laertes is his father, and he makes his home on Ithaca."

"Cyclops, in the end it was no weak man’s companions you were to eat by violence and force in your hollow cave, and your evil deeds were to catch up with you, and be too strong for you, hard one, who dared to eat your own guests in your own house, so Zeus and the rest of the gods have punished you."


The theme of book 9 is risk because it in all the stories he tells you see Odysseus taking risk to get away from the cyclops and lotus eaters and other things. He takes risk a lot to be where he is now. When he has an encounter with anything there is risk put into it and most of the time there is big risk on the line with whatever he is doing.