and other ways to use your webcam!

Empatico in 6 Steps

  1. Select Your Activities
  2. Indicate Your Weekly Availability
  3. Meet Your Matched Teacher
  4. Choose About One Hour For Your Matched Video Activity
  5. Be Guided Through Tech Setup
  6. Meet Your Teacher & Connect Your Classes

Empatico Resources

The Empatico website

Empatico Support Q & A

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Empatico on Facebook

Empatico on Twitter (it's @EmpaticoOrg)






If you need it, Amazon has USB extension cables. 6 feet should do it.

Daniel Lubetzky on why Empatico's mission is so important to him.



JUST FOUND THIS: An awesome SDGs Board Game!

How cool is THIS?!? It's called the Go Goals board game for children. Students can get to know all about the SDGs with the questions in this clever board game!

A Perfect SDG Quiz To Inspire Action!

Click here for a great interactive QUIZ you can take with your students to help you find an action project you can start that helps us get closer to solving some of the world’s big issues! https://explore.participate.com/find-your-action-plan

Skype in the Classroom -

  1. First, sign up for an account with the Microsoft Educator Community and complete your profile (name, time zone, country, availability, etc.)
  2. Take the quick intro course on this site so that you'll know how it works
  3. Request a Skype activity and start connecting with the world!

  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Skype Connections
  • Guest Speakers
  • Mystery Skype

OneNote Class Notebook

Now you can finally insert audio and video in your students' OneNote Class notebooks!

One More Cool Thing - Bouncy Balls!

Now that you have a built-in microphone, you can use this noise-o-meter called Bouncy Balls!


You can use appear.in to create your own free online video chat room for up to four people! Just create an account, which creates a unique URL for you. Share that URL with a friend and just "meet" there at the same time. That's it! Up to 4 people can be in your room.

Oh, and have fun with stickers and screensharing - and there's a chat box, too!