Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Foolish Men

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Sor Juana is truly an example of a woman ahead of her time, and her poem "Foolish Men" is an amazing reflection of that. This criticism of men and their actions, especially towards women, was a bold statement in a highly patriarchal society. In the 17th century, women were expected to be followers rather than leaders and were only given two main choices in life; to get married and be under the control of a man, or become a nun and be under the control of the church. Sor Juana used her role as a nun to become a leader and speak out against the societal norms of her time.

"Foolish Men" is an open condemnation of the double standards of patriarchy and the manipulative power that men have over women. This poem is a timeless reflection of woman's disillusionment with man and presents themes that are applicable to today's society.

Three verses

Yo, la peor de todos

In the movie, one scene that stood out was when Sor Juana was showing off her books and instruments as if they were where own children. In the same way that her books bring her the same joy as children, her books could never disappoint her in the way that a man would. In this way, the poem emphasizes the importance of education to Sor Juana. Through her devotion to education, she was able to see the faults of the patriarchal society in which she lived and speak out against it in an attempt to improve the condition of all women. She is the definition of a feminist