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The scrambled egg

On June 20, 200,021, Humpty Dumpty falls off the Great Wall of China. He fell off because his girlfriend McMuffin was texting him. He threw his phone because McMuffin wouldn't answer. Then he tried to reach for it and fell. He tried getting up yelling, “Scramble me timbers.” Bread came over to help, but it was too hot so he toasted. Along comes butter and fell on toast.So pop tarts took him to the hospital and accidentally dropped him, and by the time they could put his shell together it was to late.

The End

Color Switch

Color switch is my favorite app game. Ever since I got Color Switch on my phone, I’ve been addicted to it.There are different game modes to play.To get to the game modes, you have to go to the menu page and below the play button there is a blue ribbon that says Game Modes.In game modes, there are diffrent levels to each game.Some games have more levels than others.There are so many game modes and more come when the game is updated.Some of my favorite game modes are Spin,Gravity, Black and White, Break, and Bounce.

The whole point of the game is to tap on the screen to make your object go through the color your object is.So if your object is red, then you go through the red section without touching the other colors.If you don’t see any color that your object is ,then you have to try to get through the obstacle without touching the other colors. While you are playing, try to get as many stars as you can.To change the object that is being used, go to the bottom and click on the blue shopping cart. You can buy more objects using the stars you collect when you play the game.

In conclusion, Color Switch is my favorite app game. There are so many different ways to play Color Switch.


Basketball is my favorite sport. Basketball has so many interesting facts. Some of the facts I didn’t even know.

Basketball started in the year of 1891 and was invented by James Naithsmith. Before we had a hoop we used a peach basket instead, but later was changed to a hoop. The very first basketball court that was made was in Springfield College in Massachusetts. But the first basketball game was played in the YMCA of Albany, New York and the score ended up to be 1-0. Before we used a basketball, we used a soccer ball to play until 1929. WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association was formed in 1997. Men’s basketball was part of the Olympics longer than the women have been in it. Men’s has been in the Olympics since 1936, and the women’s have been there since 1976. In 1949, BAA (Basketball Association of America) was later formed to NBA(National Basketball Association).

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