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End of Year June Edition

A Note from the Tech Guy

We are on the home stretch with only a few weeks to go! I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their efforts this year. This was a banner year for technology - it is a lot to ask to make some widespread changes like we did: Gmail, chromebooks, Oncourse, IEP Direct, and more! Despite the change, everyone accepted that technology moves at a fast pace and we integrated a lot of tech into the classrooms. All year I was impressed by our students with what they did with these opportunities - they never cease to amaze me!

The following info is just a look forward as we start prepping for our summer projects and prepare for the fall!


Looking for summer PD for tech? We are planning our third annual Academy Week - a week of technology workshops in the Summer - put it on your calendar now and sign up in MLP!

  • CYBER MONDAY - July 13th Learn from your laptop at home with these online workshops!
  • TECH CAMP TUESDAY - July 14th A conference day - this year dedicated to all things assistive tech and universal design. This year's keynote speaker is an A.T. specialist named Mike Marotta (@mmatp). The day includes breakfast, lunch, prizes, and some great workshops! We will also have guests from around the county attending! For more about our day go to: vtsd.com/techcamp
  • WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY - July 15th Come in for some make-and-take workshops throughout the rest of the week!
  • TECH TOOLS THURSDAY - July 16th Another day of on site workshops!
  • FLIPPED FRIDAY - July 17th More online workshops from home!

Sign up now on MyLearningPlan.com

Learning Management System Update

As you all know, My Big Campus has been sold to a different company (ITS Learning) and will be closing their doors. After some debate on what would be best for students and easiest for teachers, we have decided to move on to a new LMS in the fall, Schoology. It is my plan to begin implementation immediately so anyone that would like to learn over the summer will have the opportunity to do so. Our implementation will be similar to how we implemented Oncourse - a slow rollout over the course of the year with numerous chances at training and PD when you are ready.

I will have more information about summer training opportunities but I wanted to share where we are at right now. If you have information stored in MBC that you would like to export, thye made a tool that can export to your google drives (called a common cartridge format - a file type that will be easy to import into Schoology). For info on exporting data from MBC, click here now.

Summer Laptop Refresh - WR, RH, & CM

To keep the laptops updated and up to speed, we "image" the teacher laptops every 24 months. WR, RH, & CM - it is your turn to be updated! Please be sure to save all of your files. We will be collecting the laptops in the main offices on the last day of school. Our goal is to have them ready for pickup by the first week of July. If you want yours imaged earlier, back up your data and we can grab them any time (allow 2 days for us to image). If you would like it imaged earlier, please enter a helpdesk ticket (with your building secretaries or see the Did You Know section below).

iPad Refresh

We will also be updating all iPads to the latest iOS verion 9. For CST devices, please contact Janet DeSenzo. For all other iPads, please contact Pete Van Gilst (pvangilst@vtsd.com). If you have a teacher iPad, let Pete know and he can update yours first. Also, please let us know if you want any apps added or deleted.

Champion Spotlight: Cheryl Turner

This month's tech spotlight comes from Lounsberry where Cheryl Turner had to walk in to one of the most technological rooms in the whole district and had to learn very quickly. Besides her Lego Wall, Cheryl recently added a maker space to her media center where students get to deconstruct computers. If they can successfully put them back together, they get to keep them! Thanks for the great idea, Cheryl - the students are loving it!
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Quote of the Month...

"The world doesn't care what you know. What the world cares about is what you can do with what you know."

- Will Richardson


Need to enter a HELPDESK TICKET? You can click the HELP button on the Faculty page of our website! All you need is your email and our super secret password: vikings

Don't want to enter a ticket yourself? You can still let your building secretary know and they will enter the helpdesk ticket for you!


Want some D.I.Y. training? Check out our online Tech Tool Kit!