From Oranges to Orange Juice

By Jocelyn Thompson


Do you ever wonder where orange juice comes from or how it gets to your table? Read this article to find out!


The oranges begin their journey at the farm. First, the oranges grow in rows called groves. They are harvested when they are ripe and sweet. The farmer hand picks the oranges and loads them into large boxes to ship them to the factory to make orange juice!


At the factory the oranges are washed and separated by size. Machines squeeze out the juice from the oranges and pasteurize it to make it safe. Next, the juice is packaged into cartons and juice boxes and shipped to the store.


The final product is orange juice. The store workers put the orange juice on shelfs at the store. Costumers buy the orange juice because it taste good and it is healthy. Once the juice is sold out the workers put more orange juice on the shelfs!

Fun Facts

Here are some fun and interesting facts about orange juice! More than half the juice people drink is orange juice. It is available all year around at the stores.


Now you know more about orange juice! Next time you have a cup you will know what it is made of!
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