Spirit Animals

1 Vision

Enormous black scales slithering across grass. A gorilla's earthshaking roar. A piercing shriek from the sky. Grass, dirt, rock, brittle bark. A heartbeat deep in the earth, something as old as then vanished. The dream always began this way...

Conor blinked' blinded by the light overhead. He held his hand out over turning the edges of his skin red and translucent. Something gold flashed before his eyes.

it vanished immediately, but for that instant, it had looked like leaves. he struggled to a sitting position. The dirt beneath him crumbled, hard and cracked, dying. A voice echoed in the air. Conor. It is the end of an ear. We need you here. Tellun?

Conor thought. Gradually, he realized that the blinding light came from fires. Fire was everywhere. "Conor!" Conor jerked his head to his side at the familiar scream.

As his eyes adjusted to the light, he realized that he was yin near the edge of a cliff and not far from him stood Meilin, weighed down with chains. She threw herself at an oncoming Greencloak and knocked him into the dirt. Jhi