Internet Safety

How to Properly Use the Internet

Calling all students in Ms. Golden's 1st grade class at Golden Minds Elementary School!

The Internet is a great place to learn and play, but it can also be very dangerous.

Playing games and watching fun videos online is okay, but we have to be careful of who we talk to, what we watch, and what we say online.
This Youtube video can help you understand ways we can be safe on the internet. Watch how Faux Paw learns to use the Internet safely.
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Faux Paw's Adventures in the Internet

Always ask permission to use the Internet.

You may know how to use the Internet, but it is important for your parents and other adults to know what you are doing. They may have their own rules they want you to follow.

Remember these basic rules when looking on the Internet.

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Show good manners online.

When talking to someone you do know, you should always be nice and polite.

When in doubt, ask an adult!

If you come across something you think is inappropriate or wrong, let your parents or teacher know. Remember, we always want to make sure we are being safe online. tells us that most kids do not report inappropriate Internet activity because they are afraid of losing Internet privileges. Please do not be scared to ask for help!
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Put your knowledge to the test!

This exciting game helps you remember important Internet rules and gives you more ways to stay safe online. Have fun in Cyberspace!