William Edward Boeing

An aviator, who's in the Nation Aviation Hall of Fame!


William E. Boeing was born on October 1st, 1881 to September 28th, 1956. He took interest in aviation after catching a ride in a rickety plane in his childhood. Boeing was a private person. Boeing was a fast and avid reader and remembered everything he read. He was also a perfectionist. While visiting his airplane building shop at the Duwamish shipyard in 1916, Boeing saw a set of improperly sawed spruce ribs. He brushed them to the floor and walked all over them until they were broken. A frayed aileron cable caused him to remark, "I, for one, will close up shop rather than send out work of this kind."

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Boeing had a mother (Marie), a father (Wilhelm), a wife (Bertha Marie Potter Paschall), two sisters (Caroline and Gretchen Boeing), and a son (William Boeing Jr).
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Just before his retirement, Boeing received the Daniel Guggenheim Medal for “his vision and willingness to spend his money that has resulted in the formation of one of the best manufacturing and transport organizations in the world.” Accepting the award he said, “as the past years devoted to aircraft activities have been filled with real romance, the many forward projects not in the making will continue to keep me on the sidelines as a keen and interested observer.”
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Final Stages

William E. Boeing died September 28, 1956, aboard the Taconite. He remained until the end an active and interested participant in the world around him. He did not have a formal funeral, and his family scattered his ashes into the sea off the coast of British Columbia where he had spent so many months aboard the Taconite. Overall, William Edward Boeing was an outstanding aviator!