3rd Grade Lobo Lowdown

Chavez Elementary

Busy Season!!!

September ushers in a very busy season during our school year. Please make sure you are referencing the linked calendar at the bottom of the SMORE, the Chavez Facebook page and the e-mails/phone calls that come from Mrs. Cota to stay up to date with events and deadlines.

Important Dates:

9/20 Picture Day

9/19 Fundraiser $ Due

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Chess Club

Fill out the permission form linked here and mark your calendar.

Students will be learning how to play chess with Mrs. Pruitt and Mrs. Sanchez.

Content Learning Update


Students will finish up Unit 1 Place Value. Unit test is on Thursday, Sept 13th. We will begin Unit 2 Addition and Subtraction where students will be solving one and two step problems with addition and subtraction.


Students will be predicting, observing, and recording changes in the state of matter caused by heating or cooling. Students will explore and recognize that a mixture is created when two materials are combined such as gravel and sand and metal and plastic paper clips.


Students will be finishing their study on story sequencing, character traits and character progression in a story. The test over these concepts will be Wednesday, September 12th. We will then move into story summary and context clues.


Students will continue to learn about the writing process and be able to use each step to become better writers. We have also been focusing on what a great sentence consists of. Students need to start each sentence with a capital letter, end with a punctuation mark and have a complete thought for every sentence.

Social Studies

Students will continue to learn information about communities. We will emphasize the reasons why communities are formed and explore these through activities focused on each of them. Next week we will be introducing our US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and identifying the reasons they were created.

Lobo Score Cards

We have officially started our positive reinforcement system with Lobo Scorecards this week. Students are expected to work towards exemplifying the 5 campus character traits of Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Tenacity, and Compassion. Students earn recognition for exemplifying these traits and when they have collected all 5 they get to visit the Lobo Store for a prize.

If they fill up their entire card they get a Lobo Leader wrist band and a positive phone call home! Have your child explain this to you and conference with them about what character traits they are working towards showing.

First of the Year Reminders...

  • We go out to recess four times a day for recess. The guidelines for warm weather are illustrated below. We will share the cold weather guidelines closer to the winter. If you want your child to stay in from recess for health reasons, we will need a doctor's note in order to accommodate your request.
  • Please provide your child with a snack daily. Hungry kids can't learn. Please do not provide candy, items that need a spoon, beverages other than water, or messy snacks.
  • If you would like to donate some snacks for our class, pretzels and animal crackers are welcomed.
  • Our classrooms can get cold, please have your child keep a light jacket or sweatshirt in their backpack.
  • We do not take whole class bathroom and drink breaks during the learning day. Please send a water bottle with your child so they are not wasting class time waiting at the water fountain.
  • All toys, balls, cosmetics, and any other potentially distracting items need to stay at home. As a LiiNK grade level we do not allow balls at school.
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Our ONE Thing

As part of the district "Commitment to Excellence" our campus chooses an area of focus for each academic year in order to bolster student success. It is based off of the idea that if you focus on one thing it creates a domino effect that compounds your success. Last year's campus ONE THING was a focus on solid research based lesson planning.

This year we have modified that ONE THING to be more specific. This year's campus ONE THING is "Planning for and effectively utilizing high yield instructional strategies."

As a team we will be planning together in all content areas so that your student gets the benefit of the BEST ideas from each teacher. We will also commit to each student receiving the same content experiences from class to class. We believe all of our kids are all of our kids and if one class deserves an awesome activity, the rest of the grade level does too.

If you have any questions or need clarification about our ONE THING please let us know.


At this point in time we only have two homework assignments and they are both on the honor system.

1. Read for 20 minutes every night

2. Practice multiplication facts in this order. Start with the easy levels of 0, 1, 2, 5, 10 and after that your child will tell you what level they are working on.

Starting in late September or early October, when we have access to our online learning tools, we will notify you of logins and expectations/opportunities for at home practice.

Lunch Visitors and Birthday Celebrations

Lunch Visitors

  • Lunch is from 11:40-12:10
  • Visitors need to check in at the front office.
  • Students may invite one friend to sit with them on the stage. Adult visitors may not sit with students at the lunch tables because our classes are full and their will not be enough room for all students.
  • Families may only provide food for their child unless you have written permission from the other student's parent.

Birthday Celebrations

Your child may bring store bought donuts, muffins or cookies to celebrate their birthday in class. Please send them in the morning and when we have time in our instructional day we will serve and celebrate together. We ARE NOT doing cupcakes this year because of our new carpet and the potential for red and blue icing to leave a stain.

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