Gavin Bishop

Yerevan Armenia

airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving on a flight from Denver on April 15th at 8:45 pm. And my destination is in Yerevan Armenia at 1:05 pm. I'm going to take a two stop flight which would cost for two adults $10326.Also i am hoping to get many souvenirs.


When is was looking for a hotels i thought to myself if i'm traveling all this way go big or go home. When traveling have way across the world its go big or go home.The final choice is the Marriott. The Golden Tulip is the same price, but I wanted a more modern hotel.The Marriott is 39 dollars more than the Golden Tulip. Enough about the prices the interior is like going to the white house. Some rooms have beautiful grand chandlers that sparkle like fresh cut diamond.Also the hotel has a multiple person spa and a one person spa.,Armenia-c28697/2014-04-16/2014-04-23/2guests/2rooms

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One of the biggest problems that i think that i would face is speaking Armenian and being able to understand the natives.The language is different from English.One solution that i thought would help was to hire a translator

Another problem that i might face the


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