Process of Personal Evolution

Personal Evolution with Kevin Mulleady

Kevin Mulleady, a serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist, graduated with a degree from Rutgers University in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. His robust background and multidisciplinary experiences transformed him into a well-rounded, seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in executive leadership.

During his illustrious career, Mulleady founded or co-founded over 25 successful businesses across diverse industries including, biotech, consulting, fintech, and healthcare. With an extremely diversified portfolio that ranges from producing movies, founding biotechnology, and FinTech companies, He is both a proven entrepreneur and an experienced executive, having held upper management positions across multiple companies.

While born in Ireland, Kevin grew up in New Jersey, where he attended a top engineering school and earned multiple degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Economics. After graduating from Rutgers, he moved to London, where he started his career on Citibank’s equity floor. After his brief time in London, he moved to New York City, where he further delved into a finance career, taking up a position as Portfolio Management for institutional and UHNW individuals at Morgan Stanley.

In October 2007, Kevin moved his focus from finance to biotech when he co founded Travere Therapeutics, a company dedicated to identifying, developing, and delivering life-changing therapies to people living with rare diseases.

He founded the StoneCorner Group, LLC, in 2011, a Venture Capital & Private Equity firm based in New York, where he currently serves as the CEO. In 2015 he founded Vyera Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company focusing on patients with unmet medical needs based in Switzerland.

His engineering background fosters creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, and innovation, all traits essential to successful entrepreneurship. Kevin Mulleady says, “Understanding how systems need to be supported in order to function effectively and efficiently gives one a clearer view of how to build their business from the ground up.”

Engineering encourages collaboration by understanding that systems need to be supported to function efficiently and effectively. This is also true to building high-performing teams where “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” a phrase first coined by Aristotle, a notable philosopher. “In bringing people together as one, you quickly realize how much can be accomplished as a team.”

What drives Mulleady goes beyond being a serial entrepreneur; his diversified portfolios range from producing movies, founding biotechnology and FinTech companies, owning Esports teams, and further developing Artificial Intelligence. He attributes his success to being resourceful, analytical, ambitious, and results-driven, all qualities of highly successful entrepreneurs. His self-starter mentality and determination are contagious, for he believes the people you manage will go through a process of personal evolution, as does he.

Kevin Mulleady understands how to lead others and advocates a merit-based system that recognizes and rewards quality workmanship by operating on a performance-based system rather than a standard salary. His mantra, “credit is paid where credit is due,” seems to work, and as a result, those who work under his leadership go through a process of personal evolution.

“ When you motivate employees to build strong skill sets and achieve higher goals for themselves, this ultimately lifts their performance to the betterment of the company they work for.”

Mulleady believes by embracing diversity and advocating that credit be appropriately served to individual employees with the best ideas regardless of their background, ethnicity, age, or gender; this creates a committed workforce. The two factors that should be weighted are their performance and commitment to the company provided measurables are in place to prevent subjective favoritism. A merit-based compensation system creates an even playing field where individuals can evolve and be given an equal opportunity to become an all-star.

The process of personal evolution motivates employees to achieve beyond their expectations, where individuals understand their compensation is directly related to their personal growth and performance. It allows employees to take responsibility for their performance, which enables them to take significant ownership of their work where they become incentivized to strive beyond their targets, ultimately transforming them into high performers.

Kevin Mulleady believes that a regular pay-based system makes it difficult to identify underperformers. As a business leader, it’s critical to understand where the weak links lie in the chain of command, as this collectively impacts results. Identifying where the weak links lie with performance-based compensation allows employers to establish effective interventions to enable under-performing employees to evolve into a higher-performing individual.

Although sector agnostic, he has devoted recent focus to his technology portfolio and further developing Artificial Intelligence. However, you never know what is around the corner for Kevin Mulleady, philanthropist, skydiver, race car driver, Esports team owner, producer, and serial entrepreneur.