NOTE: The information below has NOT been modified

Hello CSUN MSW Students,

As many of you are aware, the California Faculty Association (CFA) is organizing a CSU campus wide strike from April 13th-April 19th due to CSU Faculty demand for a 5% pay increase. As the organization and student representatives of our program, Social Work Society (SWS) has met as a collective to discuss possible actions we can take to be in solidarity with our faculty, whether our faculty decide to strike or not. We have met with faculty and students alike, and have found overwhelming support for the 5% pay increase. SWS has partnered with another student organization, Students for Quality Education (SQE), who are organizing various demonstrations and actions at CSUN during the strike period.

SWS held a meeting before Spring Break to discuss next steps, which include:


SWS plans on using the rally stage (Monday) to demand a 5% increase for faculty. During our next Lobby Days meeting, we will create signs and discuss how to advocate for our faculty in Sacramento. If anyone is interested in being involved, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page our email us directly at sws.csun@gmail.com.

"It is our responsibility as students, who have historically been at the center of social justice movements, to demand fair compensation for our faculty. It is our ethical responsibility as social workers to advocate for social justice!" -SWS