The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Vince Partlow

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Marilyn Monroe was a 1950s Movie actress. Marilyn was an iconic Star and became a huge sex symbol through out the world. She was found dead in her bed on August 5, 1962. She lived in Los Angeles, California. Marilyn was thought to have committed suicide because of her mental health issues and substance abuse problems.
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Perspective #1

One perspective is that Marilyn was planning on it being a fake suicide attempt. Marilyn is thought to have planned at fake suicide attempt to try and revive her career. Marilyn thought that she would have been noticed sooner and taken to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. However, No one discovered her until 4:30am. long after she had been dead.

Perspective #2

The Mainly believed side of the story is that Marilyn was actually suicidal. Marilyn had been struggling with Substance abuse and mental health issues for the last 7 years of her life. She had been criticized for being involved with the Kennedy's. She a dying career. Her life was falling apart and she couldn't handle the fall any longer. It is said that she took 40 pills and it was declared a barbiturate overdose.
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Media Bias Explained

I believe that the media has blown this up into something that is very simply. Along with many other celebrity suicides, such as Micheal Jackson, the media tries to create controversy. I like to believe that it is what it looks like. I try not to complicate things. I think that with her current situation it is very plausible that Marilyn would want to take her own life and that she did so on august 5th.
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Criticism #1

Marilyn was destroyed inside by the feminist criticism she got from the world. After she was found to be sleeping around with Kennedy the world ruined her. Her career went from massive to minor. Many women didn't Like Marilyn in the first place because of her dumb portrayal of women in movies and her scandalous and revealing style. Marilyn was not the dumb blonde she played on the screen but a strong powerful women who believed in women rights and stood up for women empowerment.

Criticism #2

The Marxist criticism is prevalent through out Marilyn's career. She went from being a have to a have not very quickly. Marilyn had it all. She had money, power, fame, happiness, fans, love, and a flourishing career. A few years later after substance abuse, adultery, and her revealing body she became a have not. She lost her fame, power, fans, love, and her career. She had money but it went toward drugs. Her happiness turned into depression. Marilyn couldn't handle the power. Eventually it all hit her and she didn't have anything in control anymore and lost the most important thing she had left, her life.
The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe