Weekly Announcements

January 11


Celebrate Each Other!

What AWESOME things are your kids doing? Send me a picture or a video so that I can share it with the staff in the weekly announcements. Watch this video about Jupiter done with ADOBE Voice! We will celebrate our students for a bit and take a break from our PADLET work. Don't worry, it will be back! ;)

January 29th Staff Development

  • Music teachers will have a Professional Development opportunity for 2 hours at Scholls Heights from 12:30 -2:30

Staff Meeting Tuesday 3:15pm

More work with Karen Moeller on Student Talk! Please be there by 3:15 so that we can pack it all in. I will be in the gym to supervise students so that you can be in the library. Thanks! I think we were a bit rushed last time.

SMART/TITLE Team Meetings

We are moving along with getting the mid-year Reading and Math screeners completed. Attached is a schedule of the follow up meetings. We will be combining the Title meetings with Angela/Karlas SMART meetings - many of the topics overlap.

Along with the schedule is a list of the agenda items we are planning to cover. Julie will be ordering subs.

As always we are looking forward to getting time to all be together and chat about students.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or topics you want to make sure we cover.

2016 here we come


14th - Kindergarten and First Grade

15th - Second and Third Grades

20th - Fourth and Fifth Grades

These will be combine with your Title meetings. Please check Maureen's email for details about times and agenda.


Please click on the link for critical information regarding TSPC licensure application changes.

Reminder: Board Approval Required for Grants

In accordance with District Policy DE, grant applications in excess of $10,000 must be approved by the Board. The following information is required for Board approval:

· Name of grant

· Funding agency

· Amount of funding requested

· Submission date

· Decision date by funding agency

To receive Board approval, please email this information to Jon Bridges at least one week prior to a School Board business.

Kindergarten NGSS Force and Motion Physical Science Support Sessions:

The next kindergarten science unit materials will arrive in buildings by the end of the day this Friday. The Beaverton Kindergarten NGSS Force and Motion Unit Overview is linked with lesson plans and resources. Learn about instructing the NGSS Kindergarten Force and Motion unit from kindergarten leaders who had an early start implementing the unit. Attend either the Force and Motion Physical Science Unit Support session on Monday, January 25th session from 3:45-6:15 with extended contract educational rate compensation for 2.5 hours or from 12:30-3:30 sub release on Wednesday, January 27th. This time includes unit sense making and planning time. Teachers will be sent information in an e-mail Friday with the TeacherSource registration link.

K-5 Science

Next Round of 1st-5th Grade Interactive Science Kit Materials in Buildings January 4th-March 7th

The next round of 1st-5th grade science kit bins were delivered to schools over the winter break so that science instruction can begin on this week for the next rotation. View the linked 2015-16 Science Kit Rotation Schedule to see which unit bins your school received. Carol Biskupic Knight, Elementary Science TOSA is available to meet with teams after school during January and February or in the afternoon of January 29th to support teachers in understanding the activity materials and/or planning the unit of instruction. Teams should contact Carol via e-mail or at 503-356-4402

District Wide Lock Out Drill January 13th

Angela and Karla OUT

January 13th 1:00pm-5:00pm

January 15th 7:30am-10:00am

Good Reads