Digital Citizenship Project

Jordan W., Period 4

What is Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is when you have to be respectful on the internet and be safe online.For example,you should not (plagiarize,copyright,or cyberbully) on the web.Plagiarizing is when you copy someones work down from the web and write it like you wrote the information.Plagiarizing is illegal and you can get kicked out a school if you decide to plagiarize.Copyright is when you create something and you publish something out to the public.You should never Cyber Bully on the internet because it can affect someones life.For example, if you cyber bully someone on the internet it could make someone depressed and make the person think that they are not liked by other people.

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Think Before you post anything: Is what you're about to post True. Helpful. Inspirational. Necessary. Kind.? You should learn what digital etiquette is so you can avoid posting embarrassing stuff online or being mad and end up starting up horrible flame wars.
Digital Etiquette

Rule #2: Information Privacy

Don't post personal information about yourself or your friends or family: You should learn about Information Privacy on the internet because if you don't then you can end up posting personal information about yourself which may cause people to steal or hack your stuff online.Learning what Information privacy is is really important because if you don't then you might post personal information about yourself which can leave you vulnerable to hackers and potentially people who may steal your personal information.
Information privacy

Rule #3: Social Networking

Don't post embarrassing photos about your friends or family:You should learn what is Social Networking because if you don't you could end up posting a bad post about your friend or a bad comment and it will affect you or it affect your friendship.
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Rule #4 Online Safety

Keep your identity or personal information secret online: If you want to be safe online then make a name or profile that doesn't give any personal information about you.
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Rule #5 Cyberbulling

Don't post something mean about someone because it may hurt them in a bad way.
Cyber Bullying Virus

Rule #6 Plagiarism

Don't try to pass on someone else's work as your own on anything.
Plagiarism: How to avoid it

Rule #7 Copyright

Copyright is what you get when you publish something or create something.
Copyright, What's Copyright?