Animals Sent Into Space

By. Laura Gramer


Did you know that many different animals and living organisms have gone into space?! Scientists didn’t know if humans could go to different planets because of the different gravitational pulls. So, before they sent astronauts into space, they decided to do their tests or experiments on animals. These animals were called “Astro-animals”. If the scientists didn’t have animals to do their experiments, they still might be doing tests to figure out if space is safe for humans! The following animals are some of the animals that were used to go on tests:chimpanzees, monkeys, mice, frogs, cats, spiders, and a tortoise.

How scientists prepared animals for their adventures in space

Animals got trained much like astronauts. The chimpanzees got taught which lever to press to get food, in the rocket. There were two levers. Female dogs were another big animal species that went on experiment flights. They controlled their waste better than male dogs did. They also listened better. They would strap the dogs in a seat for long periods of time to let them get used to the feeling of getting strapped in.

Chimpanzees and Monkeys

Chimpanzees and monkeys are very good listeners and they learned fast. The first animal that went to space was a rhesus monkey named Albert 1. Scientists created special space suits just for the monkeys and chimpanzees. If they pulled the correct lever, they would get banana flavored pellets. If they pulled the other lever, they would get a little shock. The scientists also trained them to deal with flashing lights and how to be isolated in a spaceflight.

Animals You Weren’t expecting to go in Space

Most of Astro-animals are made up of different or animals that would be on your “Last on your animals that went to space” list. These animals are mice, rats, spiders, insects, fish, rabbits, jellyfish, algae, amoebae, and a turtle. Scientists needed to send these kinds of animals to show that many different animals can travel to space. Two spiders that were sent off into space (Arabella and Anita) spun webs in space! Scientists also sent living organisms into space such as fruit flies, seeds, and spores in 1947. The scientists made special balls for the mice and rats to run around in.

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5 Animals Who Went To Space


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