The Celebration of Athens

The city-state that has it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The land were equality saw no class

The Athenian kings fought for the people to understand that in the equality in the eyes of the law. If a crime were committed be it a rich or poor person who committed this crime, they shall face the same justice.

This idea of equality in the eyes of the law was mostly stressed during the reign of Solon.

The land were new ideas and learning were their main objectives

The king imposed that all fathers teach their sons a trade to encourage a good balance between industry and agriculture. This was done to to promoted the idea of learning and wanting to know in the minds of the little children.

Art and Architecture

Under the role of Perciles one of the most important and greatest agricultural accomplishments were made, that is the The Parthenon.

This temples has set forth a desire by all nations surrounding Athens to construct such a building with wonderful architectural accomplishments. All praises should be given to the Phidias an Athenian sculptor and other Athenian sculptors who created figures that were graceful, strong, and perfectly formed.

The citizens are always involved in the government

Cleisthenes, the kin of Athens at that time, increased the power of the assembly and created the Council of Five Hundred to propose laws and advise the assembly.

The members of the council were chosen by lot, so that every citizen had an equal chance of serving on the Council of Five Hundred, these reforms created a strong democratic state, which attracted the eyes of many.

There is no doubt Athens is greater than Sparta

Athens was a land full of enlightened people, people who sought to make their day to day lives better by encouraging everyone to make use of their intellects and seek the answers they required. And for sure the ideas brought forth by the people were fruitful and helped build the wonderful city-state of Athens.

On the other hand Sparta was so focused on their ARMY that their land and surroundings were literally crashing due to the surrendering of all they had to their army, which was very unhealthy for the city state