Glenholme School Newsletter

Week 3, Term 3, Thursday 12th August 2021


Kia ora koutou,

What an exciting week we had last week with the ‘Stories Through Glass’ exhibition. I hope that you all saw the great write up and photos in the weekender. It was wonderful to see the large numbers of whanau members and even the general public coming in to view the exhibition. Thank you to Jayne Baume for making this new learning experience possible for our tamariki.

Thank you to all of our parents who attended Academic Achievement Discussions last week. We had a great turn out despite the weather on Thursday. If you were not able to get to your child’s appointment, you have not missed out. Contact the class teacher and they will be able to fit an appointment in either before or after school one day.

Next week a group of tamariki will be representing our school at the Rugby Sevens Tournament. A big thank you to Jenna and Richie Conroy who are coaching this team. I am sure that this team will play hard and play fair and we wish them well for the day.

Tihiōtonga Team will be visiting the Maker Space Museum programme to learn more about Ihenga and Te Arawa Journeys from next week. This visit will support the wonderful work that is happening in the classrooms across the team. We are fortunate to have the bus funded by Ngati Whakaue which provides transport for our tamariki to attend the Museum programmes. Thank you to all of our whanau who are going with the classes to support their tamariki.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson

A3 Artwork

Glenholme Reading Together Workshops Term 3 2021

Kia ora,

You are invited to...

The Reading Together programme

run by Whaea Min after school in the school library.

  • The sessions are designed to help you and your tamariki have fun by reading together.

  • Each session will be one hour long and you are welcome to join us for afternoon tea. We will have fruit for the tamariki.

  • Tamariki will be encouraged to come along to play and in some sessions to read along with us.

This is the time slot for Reading Together this term.

Week 4 - 17th August

Week 5 - 24th August

Week 7 - 7th September

Week 8 - 14th September

Day = Tuesdays 3:15-4:15 Venue =Library

I hope that you can join us for this wonderful opportunity.

For safety reasons we will have a sign in sheet and hand sanitizer available.

Please confirm your attendance to any session by replying to this invitation asap.

Nga mihi

Whaea Min

Principal Awards

Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition. Presented to recipients on Friday 20th August 9.15am.

Whakapoungakau Team

A1:Anna Samuel is a hardworking and passionate student, She is always striving to do her best in all subjects. She is a fantastic Self-regulator and displays all of the Glenholme school values. Anna is always pushing herself to reach her full potential , She is kind and helpful to all her peers in her class .A1 is lucky to have you in the classroom Anna. Ka Pai o Mahi Anna You are amazing!

A2: Sukhmanpreet Kaur for being a wonderful class member in A2! She has an incredible work ethic who is always focused and on task. She shows great enthusiasm towards her learning and is always curious to know more. Sukhmanpreet is a kind and respectful student who we just love having in our class!

A3: Paxton Scott for showing improved enthusiasm to take charge of his own learning and for striving to achieve excellence. Paxton has been demonstrating a positive attitude towards his learning and is beginning to take risks. Keep up the great mahi Paxton, we are lucky to have you in A3

A5: Nyla Soliva for being a motivated and hardworking learner in A5. She knows what her learning intention for writing is and consistently works hard to understand and follow the success criteria that are linked to her learning intention. Nyla is producing work of increasingly high standards and it is a pleasure to read what she has written. Nyla demonstrates many of Glenholme School's learner dispositions. She is a risk-taker and is exceptionally good at self-regulation., always being organised for learning and able to stay on task until the task is completed. Ka mau te wehi Nyla you really are awesome.

Tihiōtonga Team

B1: Jordan Harris for being a focused and independent student who is working well across all areas of the curriculum. He is becoming a self regulator who is making good choices in class, persevering when things get challenging while continuing to have a positive attitude to his work. Ka mau te wehi!!

B3: Zion Mita for working really hard on her school Values and Dispositions. Zion is learning strategies that help her when she is in the learning pit. She is a collaborator like Tametekapua who always encourages others and wants to be helpful. Zion is making good progress with her reading and loves reading the poems. Tino pai Zion and keep up the super attitude and effort!! We love having you in B3.

B5: Anjelie Soliva for being a polite and caring member of B5. Anjelie is such a pleasure to have in the classroom. She is kind to her classmates and she completes all her work carefully and to a very high standard. Anjelie thank you for always displaying the Glenholme School Values of Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. He rawe koe; You are awesome!

B7:Jasmeh Kaur being a Self Regulator, Innovator and showing Excellence in all she does. Jasmeh is responsible for checking students' homework books and calling out names for dojo points. She has also shown her dedication and commitment towards her learning, always striving to do her personal best. Jasmeh has passed level 11 for her Essential Spelling List words and has received her bronze medal. She is now working towards successfully completing her List 12 words to attain her trophy. Keep up the great work Jasmeh.

Pukehangi Team

A6: Cleo Baller for being an outstanding role model in A6. Cleo you consistently show the Glenholme School Values both inside and outside of the classroom. You are keen to give new learning a go and have a positive attitude towards all aspects of school. You are an absolute superstar! Mrs Kiel is very proud of you. Ka mau te wehi, keep up the awesome mahi Cleo!

B6: Hine Topp-Rua for being a keen, hard-working learner in B6. Hine loves learning and likes to practise her reading, writing and maths at every opportunity. This has helped her to make very good progress already this year. Keep up the wonderful work, Hine. We love having you in our class and we love your happy smile too!

C6: Jacob Sowerby for showing resilience and excellence in your learning. Jacob, it is amazing to see your confidence growing, helping you to take more risks in your learning. This is helping you to make fantastic progress. Miss Bridgeman is proud of your efforts Jacob, keep up the hard mahi!

C7: Nate Jacomb for displaying all of our Glenholme school dispositions and values. Nate, I just love your desire to learn and how you inspire others to also try their best. You are a fun, reliable member of our C7 whanau. Keep up the wonderful work Nate!

C8: Saviour Bristowe for showing the Glenholme School Value of Respect. Saviour, you are always seen looking after the classroom environment and caring for those around you. You take pride in your work and always present it beautifully. It is great to have such a wonderful helper and role model in C8. Well done Saviour!

C9: Mia Leigh Tahana for making a big effort recently with her school work. She is always well-mannered and respectful, follows instructions very well, and is consistently reliable and responsible. Mia Leigh is a great role model to others in the class.

Upcoming Events

  • BOP Sevens - Tuesday 17th August
  • Tihiōtonga Team Museum Visit - Tuesday August 17th B5/B7
  • Tihiōtonga Team Museum Visit - Tuesday August 19th B1/B3
  • School Assembly - Friday 20th September
  • School Production - 29th September
  • School Production - 30th September
  • End of Term 3 - 1st October
  • Term 4 Starts - 18th October
  • Labour Weekend - 25th October

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