The Great Taj Mahal

by Gentry Cole

Welcome to the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is built by the Yamyan river in India. Studies show that the Taj Mahal is sinking into the river.Some people think that it's because the stone is so old that it is cracking from water pressure. Some people think different.The Taj Mahal is a lot more then people may think.

What did They use and How did Build The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal has twenty-eight different stones used to build it, including marble.Most of it is made of marble.The Taj Mahal is 171 meters or 561 feet around. That is huge,can you imagine that? It's built by the Yamyan river in Agra India.Now that would be a beautiful site to see.

The Inside

Inside the Taj Mahal is a beautiful place inside and out.Inside there are words after word of the Q'uran on walls.The doors are in dome like shapes.At the top there is a huge dome. It is layered and cared into.It took almost 500 years to build.

The Taj Mahal is More

The Taj Mahal is A tomb as most people may know But, it is more.It was built for the love of Ahamad Lahori's wife. He told his workers to put her body in the middle of the Taj. To make it even more special they also put his body right next to hers.
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More Facts and Links

Did you know mahal means really its taj palace.In the photo next to this is how you write mahal in inde. If you ever go for a visit make sure you take plenty of pictures.the taj mahal is huge, and beautiful inside and out.To learn more go to...


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