Raymond's Run

By: Toni Cade Bambara


A girl, Squeaky, is the fastest girl in town. Squeaky takes pride for her ability on the track cocky, and wants to let everyone know she is the fastest girl on 2 feet. Squeaky has a brother, Raymond, who she watches after. Even though Raymond is older, Squeaky thinks she's older because she is brighter. Squeaky went to the park because it was May Day, a day where she was racing in the 50 yd dash. Squeaky main competition is Gretchen Lewis. When She figures out a person wants her to lose because she keeps winning every year, she doesn't let that happen which makes her more determined to win. She starts at the starting line. So does Gretchen. When the pistol is blown she runs as if she was in a drag race. She looks to her left no one there, but then she looks to her right, Gretchen was right there. Squeaky thought she was a good runner. When the race was over it was a close tie. Squeaky and Gretchen were the competition. The announcer says shes in fist. She wins and looks at her brother and thinks he could be the best runner when he grows.

Inference, Theme, and Author Information

I figured out that Raymond is actually older than Squeaky.

Always work hard for your dreams.

Bambara has long been admired for her short stories. "Temperamentally, I move toward the short story," Bambara once said, defining herself,...

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