Franz Boas

Kayla Kizine Hour 2

Birth and Childhood

Franz Boas was a German-born anthropologist. He was born on July 9, 1858 in Minden, Germany. Boas founded the relativistic, culture-centered school of American anthropology. He was interested in science from a very young age.

Interest in Science

From the age of five, he was interested in the natural sciences, including botany, zoology and geology. He attended the universities of Heidelberg, Bonn and Kiel. He got a Ph.D in physics. He also had a minor in geography from the University of Kiel in 1881.

Hardships Faced

I couldn't really find any information on hardships that he may have faced


Franz Boas regulated field research in many different museums in North America. He was an important part of a project, of the culture of Native Americans. Boas was also an important figure in North American anthropology, in the 20th century. He trained many professional anthropologists. Boas decreased the significance of measures of race.


No information about awards on Boas
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