The Secret Life of Bees

By: Sue Monk Kidd

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Lily traveled with her first friend and maid, Rosaleen, to Tiburon, south Carolina looking for answers. She was done being abused by her dad and wanted to see the light in the world. Her world changed forever after meeting the Boatwright’s. But, she still needed to hear of her mother and what she was like. Meeting the Boatwright’s and all of their friends was quite a surprise to Lily because that wasn’t what she came for. Lily learns what her mother was like from August. She knows that this whole journey has payed off when she hears of her mother. A few days later, T-ray shows up and questions Lily’s disappearance. She gets frightened when he forces her to come back home with him. But before he can take her away, the Boatwright sisters make it clear that they would want to allow Lily to live in their home. In the end, T-ray lets Lily stay with a loving family that has cherished her arrival, the Boatwright sisters.

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Character Interview with Lily Owens

Interviewer: What might have happened if you never found your mother's picture and everything leading up to the honey house and the Boatwrights?

Lily: I probably still would have ran away but I don't know where. I would be lost if I had nobody to go to. I’m pleased that my mother left me with clues. And i'm even happier that I was smart enough to figure everything out.

Interviewer: Do you agree with how T-ray handled the death of you mom?

Lily: No, I was the one who killed her so he took it out on me. I have had to live with grief my whole life too.I just want to see the Tray my mother got to see. I want to see a father that can take care of me, not abuse me. “You know Lily, people can start out one way, and by the time life gets through with them they could end up totally different.”(PG 248)

Interviewer: How did you decide to leave T-ray in “hopes” of finding tracks of your mom?

Lily: I had to give it a chance. I have been wanting to leave so badly for so long. I just had to get out of there.

Interviewer:What would happen if you didn’t find anything on your journey?

Lily: I honestly don’t know. Probably still with Tray if I got caught running away to heck knows where.

Interviewer: How did you feel when August shared the information about your mother with you?

Lily: At first pleased and happy that I got the information but then I started to get angry because I realized August could see right through my lies and she just didn’t say anything.

Interviewer: Why do you think August didn’t say anything sooner if she knew who you were?

Lily: I think she wanted me to find myself and find out who I really am before shhe tells me everything I need to know. She wanted me to be ready, I appreciate that.

May Boatwright Obituary

May Boatwright joined her twin, April in heaven on August 7,1964. May was born on May 30th of 1939. She was a very sensitive and soft hearted human that couldn’t stand the horror in the world. She often spent time at her wailing wall if she started to feel depressed. This wall had notes and memories from the May and April’s cheerful past . You would probably find may in the kitchen of the Boatwright’s making breakfast and joyfully cleaning for the other ladies in the house. May Boatwright is preceded in death by her two sisters, August and June. May is survived by a independent friend, Lily Owens. There will be a small service at the Wailing wall on Monday. If you choose to bring flowers (pink was May’s favorite color) , we will be releasing some petals in the water with where May passed.
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