Road Trip, Disney World Daytona beach

Road Trip

I will always remember the time I went to disney world. When we went to disney we decided to drive. The only thing that I didn't like about driving was the struggle of packing the car. In the middle of the night we had to drive thru mountains. When we were driving thru the mountains I woke up, because my ears started to hurt since we were so high up.

Driving to disney was a cool experience. At night we could see the city lights. One of the towns that we drove past was on the other side of a lake. The lake water was glowing because the town lights were so bright. It was really hard to sleep at night since we were driving on the freeway so all I could here was the sound of the cars, and I was so excited to be in disney in less than 24 hours.

Disney World

I had a lot of fun at Disney world. Going to disney was so exciting. In Hollywood city there was a roller coaster named the rock n roller coaster. The roller coaster was so scary. The story behind the roller coaster was this. We were late for a rock concert, so we had to take a really fast limo. When we start the ride we do super fast. We go upside down, it was so dark and there was a bunch of neon lights. The whole ride i had my eyes closed. I felt like I was going to be sick. When I got off the ride my legs felt like jello. Every night at one of the theme parks they had fireworks. The first night we went to downtown disney. The second night we went to epcot. The third night we didn't go and see fireworks instead we went out to eat and then played games at our hotel. The fourth night we went to magic kingdom. Magic kingdom was my favorite theme park at night the castle had fireworks and befor that there was a parade.

Daytona Beach

The sound of the waves was so amazing to hear. Right when I got to the beach I had to go right into the water. The waves were really big so I was playing a game where I would jump over the waves and see how far back the waves would push me. In the distance I saw 2 dolphins swimming together. After we saw them I wanted to go for a walk down the beach. We only got to walk for a little bit because it started to rain. Before we headed back to disney we ended up stopping at one of the stores by the beach. At the store i got a daytona beach sweatshirt. When I first got my sweatshirt it was a little big on me but know it fits me perfect.